Corsets, Caps & Stays Beaded Beads
Elegant Beaded Beads with Right Angle Weave

front cover - Corsets, Caps & Stays tutorial by Karen Williams

A straight-forward, simplified approach to creating a collection of elegant beaded beads with right angle weave, including my signature Corset Beads.

My second book walks you through the entire process for creating three distinctive styles of beaded beads, showing how one design builds on the next with over 100 full-color illustrations and instructions.

If you've ever tried beading around a spherical object, you'll know how hard it can be as your beads keep slipping off the rounded surface. In this tutorial-style book I share my methods for avoiding that whole problem, showing you how you can complete most of the beading off of the base bead, then lace it into place for a perfect fit. Just like lacing a lady into her corset or tying the strings on a bonnet.


* 50 professionally designed pages featuring
* Full-color, step-by-step photographs and illustrations
* Detailed primer on right angle weave, including all of the necessary techniques
* Separate chapters on each of the three bead styles: Basic Beaded Beads, Corset & Stays, and Caps & Stays beaded beads
* Chapter on finishing techniques including an easy beaded bail, curliques, beaded rope, loop and toggle and more, all using right angle weave.
* Complete bead lists for multiple color ways

Print edition published October 2012© through Createspace.

$18.95 Available through Amazon. Or signed copies through my Etsy store.

Also available as an ebook PDF download $15.00, through my Etsy store.


"This is such a well done tutorial that I'm beyond impressed. I love that it has the basics of RAW as well as the pattern itself, making this doubly helpful. I'd buy any tutes from Karen!" - Sally

"I'm not so good at following directions. My brain is rebellious, and my eyes cross when I look at the diagrams in books. But this didn't happen with Karen's book. I started to understand RAW right away, and her diagrams actually sped the process up". - Sarah

"I have done lots of needlework but not too many beaded things. I am excited about this. Wonderful looking book". - Andrea

"On your kits, you send a ton of extra beads. I had really only expected the pattern and you added the tutorial for RAW to it too. Wonderful instructions too". - Ralonda


Sample Pages: Painting the Base Bead and the Basic Beaded Bead Sample Pages: Corset Stitching Diagrams and Instructions

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