Frequently Asked Questions regarding my book Freeform Peyote Beading

Why did you decide to write this book?

Most simply, this is the book I wish I'd had back when I first started experimenting with freeform, sculptural peyote but could not find. Searching the web for assistance, I found several artists working with freeform peyote, but almost nothing in terms of instructions or advice. So I experimented.

Later, when I began to teach freeform peyote, my students brought up the question again, asking for book recommendations. Since repeated web searches turned up very little, my class handouts kept growing each time I taught the class and I began dreaming about publishing a book on the subject.

Then in late 2009, I discovered the print-on-demand publisher, with options that included full-color interiors. A search for “freeform peyote beading” on Amazon at that time came up with no results and I decided it was time. So, with an additional nine months of extensive effort, my 30+ pages of black and white class handouts became an 86 page book.

Who do you see as your primary audience?

I wrote this book for a person with basic beading experience, someone who has at least a couple of basic peyote stitch projects under their belt who is interested in trying something a little different, moving away from predesigned patterns to a more organic, design-as-you-go philosophy. But also hoped it would work for the ambitious newcomer.

What exactly does it mean that you’re self-published?

As a self-published author, I was responsible for the entire package: everything from the design and execution of all of the beading samples included in the book, to the writing, photography, and drawing the illustrations, to editing of all of the individual book elements and designing the book and page layouts.

Organizing the book and laying out the individual pages took far longer than I’d ever expected. Even after I had written the text and selected the photos for inclusion for any given section, laying out a two-page spread took me anywhere from two to six hours to complete the basic layout, making everything fit in a manner that was (hopefully) visually appealing and easily comprehensible.

In addition, each section of the book went through four to six drafts during the layout and design stage, as I edited text, replaced and resized images, improved illustrations and shifted whole sections and pages to improve readability, including an external review by several friends who agreed to act as readers. prints the book directly from digital files that their authors send to them, though they do a few basic checks, looking for consistent page numbering and such. In my case, I sent them two PDFs, one for the interior and another for the cover.

What software did you use to produce your book?

I used an older version of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS2), including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I wrote most of the text originally in Word, then copied and pasted into InDesign.

Will you offer discounts on Amazon?

I wish I could. Unfortunately, I have very little leeway to offer discounts on Amazon unless I want to basically give my work away for free. As a self-published author, the only payments I receive for writing the book are from actual book sales. And the lion’s share of the retail price from each book goes to and Amazon. In fact, the percentage I receive is considerably less than the discounts offered for many of the books from larger publishers.

So for now, I’m afraid you won’t find my book discounted on Amazon. But I truly appreciate your patronage should you decide to purchase my book anyway. Your support makes it possible for me to consider publishing other books, and additional supplements. So thank you!


Front Cover image from FreeForm Peyote Beading: Design and Creation of Original Wearable Art Jewelry

Freeform Peyote Beading: Design and Creation of Original Art Jewelry

Published September 2010
Available through Amazon

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