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Front Cover image from FreeForm Peyote Beading: Design and Creation of Original Wearable Art Jewelry

Freeform Peyote Beading: Design and Creation of Original Art Jewelry

Published September 2010
Available through Amazon

Layered, dyed concrete with bead inclusion and resin topcoat Concrete cab with Bead & washer inclusions and resin topcoat Resin cabachon with painted paper design Hunting Fae: detail, captured cabachon

Open Studio: Concrete Cabochons Follow-up & Resin

Class Length: 3 hours


We'll be finishing up the concrete work from the previous week - sanding, adding additional color with acrylics and rub n buff, and artist pens, then finishing them with wax varnish or an epoxy resin topcoat.

If you attended the earlier session, resin can be used to 'butter' the concrete to deepen and enrich the colors, add a sense of depth and impart a high gloss finish.

Skills and Skill Levels required for class

No experience required.

Supply List

  • Wear clothes suitable for painting
  • Rubber gloves, and you might want an apron if you're planning to work with the procion dyes.
  • Flat tray or cookie sheet for work space and transporting your cabs home as the resin won't be set yet
  • Plastic palette knife(knives) if you have them. A plastic dinner knife will also work
  • Wet wipes with alcohol - these work remarkably well for cleaning resin off of fingers and tools
  • Optional: The clear or black trays that frozen quiches come in from Trader Joe's if you have them
  • Scissors or Xacto knife for cutting papers


Also bring any painted papers, stamps, drawings and small designs you'd like to use as inclusions. I have a limited selection of hand-carved rubber stamps that can be used to create miniature collages, but feel free to bring your own stamping materials as well if you have them. Because epoxy gets quite hot while it sets, fresh plant material tends to turn rather brown and ugly, so I don't recommend plant material at this stage.

I will have several grits of sandpaper, acrylic paints, rub & buff, the epoxy resins and more concrete if you want to work with that as well.

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