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Red for Celebration, front view Red for Celebration, detail resin cabochon & washers
Red for Celebration, detail cabochon Red for Celebration, detail cabochon back Red for Celebration, two tassels

Red for Celebration

Necklace with Right Angle Weave, Tassels & Captured Concrete Cabochon

concrete & resin cabochon, right angle weave, beaded tassels, machine wrapped cords, hardware washers, seed beads
© 2011

Red is the color of celebration in most cultures - even in our own, it's the color for love. In Russian, which I studied in college, the word for beautiful, krasevaya, originally derived from the word for beautiful, krasnaya. The entire design was inpsired by the red beads trapped in my concrete and resin washer. Although I'd put them there, they seemed like such a surprise each time I saw them, I knew I had to draw them out.

The entire design has a psuedo-ethnic feel to me, from my handmade beaded tassels to the machine wrapped cording I made freeform using my sewing machine, to the metal, hardware store washers (coated with two layers of wax varnish). Each of these elements reminded me of festival decorated horse bridles and trappings. Then I added the polished right angle weave beadwork in shiny black and gun-metal silver as contrast.

Each element added together into a whole. And, as with most of my captured cabs, I hid a surprise on the back.

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