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Hunting Fae

Hunting Fae

freeform peyote and right angle weave, resin cabochon, pressed glass beads
© 2010

Created during the last week of 2010 for a beading challenge issued by Art Bead Scene, Hunting Fae is inspired by two of John Anster Fitzgerald's paintings, The Storm and The Captured Robin.

An organic mix of freeform peyote stitch and right angle weave, the beadwork reminded me of roots and vines. The setting of The Captured Robin, made me think of the fae holding court inside an old, gnarled tree trunk, so in my mind at least, this seemed to fit. Note the fairy stone accent(a stone with a hole through it); the one sure means of seeing through fairy glamoires. Useful when one goes hunting fae.

I captured the cabochon in a net of right angle weave, then worked off of the cabochon with raised tendrils of right angle weave and freeform peyote stitch.

Hunting Fae: detail, fairy stone Hunting Fae: detail, captured cabachon Hunting Fae: detail, freeform beading

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