Wall Works and Small Art Quilts

Art Quilt: Leaf Fall

Leaf Fall

13" x 13" © 2004
Every year I find myself trying new ways to capture the color, texture and form of fall leaves.

Crazy Quilt: My Illuminated Garden

My Illuminated Garden

12" x 12" © 2002
This piece is inspired by the great beauty of late medieval manuscripts which depicted the natural world with exquisite attention to detail. I love their unrestrained, almost childlike use of scale, size and proportion. It allows great freedom to play

Art Quilt: Light, Love and Laughter or Notes to Self

Notes to Self

13" x 13" © 2004
This piece has two titles: Light, Love and Laughter, and Notes to Self. The first is my personal motto. And the second describes the piece itself - note to myself on how to truly live my personal motto. Unfortunately, this piece is very difficult to photograph.

Crazy Quilt: Coral Reef

Coral Reef

12" x 12" © 2002
An enduring love of the sea, and a quote from Jaques Cousteau inspired this pieces. "There are no boundaries in the real Planet Earth. The persistent tides - the pulse of the sea - do not discriminate; they push against all the varied shores on earth."

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